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We work with small business retailers interested in selling our products in-store and/or online. Available options and benefits include:

  • Providing an availability of unique, hand-crafted items to your patrons

  • Flexibility in the designs and themes of the items you wish to carry

  • Discount wholesale pricing available based upon:

    • Quantity of items purchased​

    • Simplicity or complication of requested designs

    • Variety of designs requested

    • Size of items requested- in addition to selling pairs of earrings, we offer larger sets (example- set of four earrings featuring the four golden girls)

    • Expected resale price

  • Ability to co-brand packaging

  • Cross-advertising

  • ... and more

Currently, we work with a wine crafting and supply store reselling our wine-themed earrings through their brick & mortar shop. A Golden Girls entertainment group for whom we provide Golden Girls-themed pairs and large sets of stud earrings for resale on-site at their events and their online store.

Contact us at or through or Contact Us page with your inquiry.

event organizers interested in having us as a vendor

Located in Middle River, MD, we are particularly interested in participating as a vendor for events located in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, Washington D.C., and West Virginia. However, we are open to traveling further to be apart of successful and unique events.

CapSized Designs has been participating in in-person events since our inception and greatly enjoy the unique opportunities such events provide. We are able to participate in events any time of the year whether indoor or outdoor. Our current event set-up is ideal for the typical 10' x 10' vendor space usually offered to vendor participants; however, we are able to adjust our set-up to accomodate smaller vendor spaces should the venue require such. 

If you are interested in having CapSized Designs as vendor at an upcoming event, please send us information about the event including:

  • Any associated website or social media page link

  • Location of event

  • Dates and times of the event

  • Registration cost

  • Registration deadline

  • Approximate number of participating vendors

  • Ratio of vendors providing hand-crafted items compared to direct-sale vendors (such as Scentsy, Thirty-One, etc)

  • Estimated number of patrons expected based on previous events

  • Number of years the event has taken place

As CapSized Designs is a two-person operation with both persons occupying "9 to 5" employment, the above-requested information will allow us to make the best informed decisions regarding our schedule, travel, and preparation so we are fully prepared for said events.

Please send event information and your inquiries to us via email at or using the "Contact Us" form provided on this site.


Charitable organization partnerships

We are delighted to partner with non-profit organizations. Opportunities for partnership include:

  • Donating items for auction, raffle, etc events

  • Selling selected items with an agreed upon portion of the proceeds going to the charitable organization

  • Producing selected items at reduced cost to a charitable organization for them to resale at an agreed upon price

Contact us at or through or Contact Us page with your inquiry.

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